Superman Training Academy

This amazing game is for helping him in his superhero training. Here, you need to repel all the robots and other adversaries that are coming on your way. Control Superman in this training mode game in order to make him the best superhero ever. The controls of Superman Training Academy - just use the Arrow Keys. In this game of Superman, only the Left and Right Keys are used.

Press on Space to release a punch. In the first level, you are only required to beat 10 robots. The game has multiple levels. Clear the requirements of the previous stage to gain entry to the following one. The next levels would require you to destroy 10 more robots than on that previous step. Superheroes starts somewhere. They don't become popular defenders of the world overnight.

If you want to have what it takes to be like Superman, you'll play this game. It trains and develops the superhero in you. Soon enough you'll be the worthy hero that you wanted to be. The game hones and sharpens Superman's many skills. He'll be up against a dozen of enemies as well. He has to perform well against all of them to pass his training.

However, the enemies are not that easy to destroy. They get stronger with each level and Superman have to make sure that he can handle them all. Train yourself well and don't let the enemies get the most out of you. Your mental prowess is going to be of huge importance in Superman Training Academy. You have to act well and use your mind with your every move.

Nothing should keep you from doing what should be done with the great Superhero skills that you have. Accomplish all the tasks and levels provided. Find out what Superman has to go through before he became the superhero that he is now. You too can be great like him. It is just a matter of improving who you already are. This is a game full of kryptonite falling from above.

You need to keep away from them or the energy would be drained. Once it's all used up, the game is over. Robots can hit you too. If they do, a good part of that energy bar disappears. Always check it at the upper side of the screen. When it goes yellow, you situation is critical. Be careful and complete the stage as fast as you can. Your energy will be refreshed on the next level.

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