Superman Stop Press

Here is a simple timed game. Armed with a camera, the objective on this game of Superman would be to obtain a cool picture of him as he flies in the air trying to save the world. In every stage you need to meet the requirements of Daily Planet, a newspaper that you work for. As Jimmy Olsen, in Superman Stop Press, your job is to take perfect shots of the hero for tomorrow front page.

Superman is a new superhero in the game. And a lot of people are getting interested with him. Your new job is very ideal indeed. You are to capture him with your powerful camera lenses and submit it to the local newspaper for printing and for all the others to see. But the question is, are you up to that challenge? Be sure that you capture the hero in his most courageous form.

Make your pictures showcase his valor in full splendor. The experience is going to be a really enigmatic one. If you're able to make several good shots those pictures will definitely make it to tomorrow's paper. Get good and get ready with the multiple locations on the game. London is the first stop. Make sure that you can capture Superman's prowess against the beautiful bridge of London.

Then you'll be back to New York to do the same thing. Be sure you got the statue of Liberty well in your angles! The prettier your shots are, the better your score is. The higher the score is, the better Superman photographer you become. Be ready to enjoy an amazing game! In the 1st level, you got 60 seconds to take six shots. You must score at least 4/10 on the stage, which is London.

This one is composed of four stages, with the difficulty increasing in each one. The game time is decreased by ten seconds and flies a bit faster, making the photo shoot a little hard as you go further into this free game of the powerful Superman. To control the camera and obtain the best shots, Superman Stop Press uses the mouse. Click on the left mouse button to activate the shutter.

Immediately, you can see the picture you have taken. He has to be captured squarely to obtain a perfect 10/10 shot. In London, the objective is to fair 4/10. In Hong Kong, you necessitate an score of 5/10 to proceed to the next level of the Superman online game. In Sydney, try to gain a 6/10 score. The last stage, Metropolis, is where you should obtain at least 7/10.

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