Superman Save Metropolis

Play this game and experience how it feels like to save the world. Superman must keep all wreckage from falling to the people below. Your job is to control the game in such a way he smashes all those small debris and catches the bigger ones so that it won't fall further down and cause damage. Control Superman Save Metropolis by using the Arrow Keys.

This is a multiple level game. The end of a given level is signified by the huge debris falling over his head. To catch it effectively, just keep on tapping the Up Key. Failure to do so would crash Superman and end the game. Also, there would be lots of kryptonite going down along with the wreckage. The whole city seems to be always in danger, thus keeping him busy.

But you know this hero. If there's trouble anywhere, he'll be in the middle of it, stopping the bad guys from creating further chaos. So now that Superman is at his feet trying to save the whole metropolis from certain harm, your job should be to play making sure he doesn't miss any enemy or hurt himself in the process. There are many dangers surrounding in this game of Superman.

You have to be sure that he withstands them all. This multiple level game tests all Superman skills. It is important to use the right kind of power in any situation. Plus there will be kryptonite all around. You have to stay clear of these things or he'll get weak.It's important that you make Superman the real hero that he is. He's got all the powers Ė you just have to help him control it.

It will be chaos happening in and around the city, all at the same time it seems. Maintain Superman in the greatest conditions and both of you should be good. With his astounding powers, this task shouldn't be so hard to do. You need to stay clear of them because in Superman Save Metropolis you would lose a significant amount of strength if he catches too much of it.

You play the next stage automatically starts the moment youíre finished with the previous one. See this like one continual game and you donít have to worry about files loading in every stage. If he is not able to catch the debris, the game is over and you would play from the beginning. The levels get faster and more difficult. Practice your reflexes to win.

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