Superman Kryptonite Game

In this amazing Superman online game he flies in full speed and accuracy ahead. But he's having a hard time doing so because of the kryptonite around him. That is exactly what Superman is facing in Superman Kryptonite game. He is trapped in a cave and he can't escape. He needs your help. Guide him towards the end without touching any kryptonite along the way.

It is a game where he may not fly too high or too low because the stalagmites and stalactites could hurt him. Your job is to make him fly smoothly at the middle of the game screen, while making sure that he keeps away from the kryptonite that could blind him. To control his flight on the Superman free game, you have to play with your Mouse. The weakness of Superman is a kryptonite.

With this stone around, he feels powerless. So he has to stay away from it. But that's not gonna be an easy feat. Here, Superman has to fly all over a place where there are lots of kryptonite floating around. Will he be able to survive this ordeal? The answer to the question lies upon you. Can you help Superman withstand the kryptonite pressure and get to his destination in one piece?

The goal of the game is simple Ė fly as accurate as you can and stay clear of all the green stones. If you're ready, then start it right away. But aside from the kryptonite, He can't touch the top or the bottom of the cave. He has to fly with full accuracy. The mouse and the left click button are all you need to play. Once you get the hang of the controls, you should be able to ace this game.

This a game of Superman which is not really an easy one as it requires both timing and precision. You've got to play first with a few practice moves. If you're ready to play, then start clicking! Press on the Mouse Button to fly high up. Release it if you want him to fly down. Superman Kryptonite game flight is always in the forward direction. You donít have to move him forward any more.

What you should do is to be sure that you time the flight up and down so he will not get hurt and reach the ending part of the cave. You only have one life to play. Play carefully; if Superman touches kryptonite or the upper and lower parts of the cave, game is over. You would have to play the game all over again. Accuracy and good reflexes are the name of this challenge.

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