Goku vs Superman

Goku, the Japanese anime hero meets Superman, the all-time American hero. They came from different worlds but they share the same mission of eliminating the bad elements. But what's happening? the two super heroes, Goku and Superman, are in a fight now. Who do you think will win, Goku or Superman? maybe Goku with his lightning speed or Superman with his inhuman powers?

This animation game of Superman would help you find out. The video is an entertaining one. You'd definitely find all fighting scenes exciting. In Goku vs Superman, Goku is being attacked by Superman. He can throw Goku into a mountain wall without difficulty. But Goku retaliates and shows Superman his moves. He got really fired up that he unleashes his powerful Kamehame wave.

It's Goku versus Superman. How good can this matchup be? The powers of a Saiyan are up against that of a Krypton. Let's play it and see who the better fighter really is and how fierce he could get. Discover which of the two is the stronger and more powerful hero. This is sure going to be a great fight. There is nothing to worry about because all that is present in here is a friendly fight.

The heroes are trying to flex their muscles and get some sweat. So they're pitting their powers against each other. This animation is rather unique. You'll find all about it quite amazing to watch. If you're interested to know who is the best fighter, start it right away. As a matter of fact, this might be the only game wherein you don't have to worry about powers, level ups, or stages.

All you need to do is play it and watch. After you're done doing that, you'll know who the winner is. See for yourself what makes Goku and Superman two of the most loved superheroes of all time. And don't forget to say if you agree with the game's ending! This one is the fight of the century. Better tune in and see which of these two well-loved heroes would emerge as the winner.

There is no need for controls in Goku vs Superman. In fact, it's more like a video than a game. The animation is so entertaining that you’d end up playing the clip over and over again. And if you don’t like the end, the makers of this clip are likely to have another installment, with the losing party getting revenge over the other. Be sure to watch out for that one too!

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